Appliance Maintenance:

In addition to serving the Abilene area as a leader in home appliance repair, we highly recommend our cost-effective home appliance maintenance services yearly to keep your appliances running like new. Proper maintenance from a qualified service person also:

extends the life of your appliances

helps prevent costly breakdowns

lowers your energy bills

Most calls for appliance repair in Abilene come from homeowners only after their appliance has quit working altogether.  Yet, in many cases people don’t call when their appliance isn’t working like it did when it was new because they assume the age or wear/tear factor is to blame. At Ab-Tex Appliance & A/C, we know this is almost never the problem. For instance, if your clothes or dishes aren’t coming out as clean as they did when your appliance was new, the problem can be a partially clogged valve restricting hot water flow, or scale buildup, or an element in your dryer going out that takes your clothes longer to dry. A number of refrigerator repairs here in Abilene could have easily been prevented with our annual service and coil cleaning. These are just a few of the issues we check for during maintenance visits. There are many factors at work in modern appliances, and one minor issue can cause them not to work properly. So rather than viewing maintenance as an added expense, just know that statistically our services save you money over the life of your appliances, and keep them working like new. Check out our specials!


Here’s what we do-

REFIGERATOR/FREEZER- Clean condenser, check temp control accuracy and cabinet temp for proper food storage safety, check and blow out condensate drain line, level unit for proper drainage of evaporator pan, check ice maker and dispenser operation and correct water pressure, defrost cycle operation of coil/coils, check gasket for proper seal against outside air.

DISHWASHER- Check for leaking seals underneath around pump motor, check for restrictions in water line and fill valve, proper fill level, door seal, drain line for obstructions/proper draining, control panel operation, level the unit, and descale spray arms to correct water distribution issues.

OVEN/COOKTOP- Check electrical connections, inspect elements, oven thermostat/control for correct operating temperatures, self cleaning feature safety door lock, clock/timer operation. Check burner operation for gas units, gas line connections tightened to prevent gas leaks, level the unit.


WASHER- Check fill level, proper temp from water valves, check for excess vibration, level unit, check for leaks around tub, mechanical operation and wear, check for completion of cycles and draining during pumpout, check hoses and drain line for leaks and excessive wear.

Dryer- Check belt and pulley, dryer vent and exhaust for restrictions and clean out to prevent a fire hazard, check elements and cycles for proper heating temp, gas lines for leaks and tighten on gas units, level the unit.


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